First Baptist Church

27 Broad Street, Hamilton, NY 13346    315-824-2780 

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We invite you to come and join us 
as we Grow with God in the Heart of Community.

Jess and I have been here only a couple of months, but so much has happened! We have met so many wonderful people at First Baptist and in the surrounding community. We have enjoyed our first 4th of July parade in Hamilton, our first trip to Chittenango Falls and Green Lakes, and have enjoyed some fabulous music and coffee hours at First Baptist. I have also been very impressed by the spirit of cooperation I have encountered among the local clergy in Hamilton, and the way they have welcomed Jess and I with open arms into the community.  The summer has been wonderful, but we are looking forward to even more excitement in the fall.

            We are kicking off our Fall Schedule on September 8th (worship moves to 10:30 AM with Sunday School at 9:30). Inside you can read the details about all the opportunities we have for fun and service on the 8th. I am extremely excited about the children’s sermon series we will start that morning, revolving around the stained glass windows in the church. It will be a wonderful way for children to connect with the ways that our church building points to the One whom we worship. My sermon series will also be focused on the scriptures written on the stained glass (most of which are Jesus' statements about himself). It will be a great chance for people of all ages to learn more about what the One in whom we find our identity had to say about his own identity.

            It will also be a great chance to draw from the riches of our church’s past as we seek to discern what God is calling us to do, as the Mother Church of both “Town and Gown,” in the future. I am so grateful for our church’s past. Our church was instrumental in the founding of Colgate University, an institution which profoundly shaped my life, and our church also helped send out missionaries who inspired me to be an American Baptist. Being part of such a historic congregation is incredibly exciting for me, and I am even more excited to be part of the new things that God will do through this congregation in the future. I hope that you will join me in this adventure, both on Kickoff Sunday and beyond.

Yours in Christ,

                           Pastor Bill Stoklosa 

​A Message from Pastor Bill Stoklosa

As of August 2019